Get volunteer hours for trail cleanup

Need service hours? Be a star and beautify our trails in LCF

The City of La Canada Flintridge (LCF) maintains all the trails in Cherry Canyon. Picking up trash is a fun way to help and enjoy the out-of-doors. This volunteer work can be done individually or in a group.

Here is how it works.
Review what trails are in Cherry Canyon on this website or get a trail map from the chamber of commerce at city hall or our local bookstore. 

List of trails managed by the City of LCF
o  Cerro Negro Trail
o  Cherry Canyon Fire Road
o  Conservancy Trail
o  Descanso Trail
o  Flint Canyon Trail
o  Forest Hill Fire Road
o  Liz’s Loop Trail
o  Owl Trail
o  Ultimate Destination Trail

NOTE: If you want to work on trails outside Cherry Canyon, please get in touch with the county of Los Angeles.

1. Walk the trail first, then select the one that needs your help.
2. Contact Paddy Taber at the city (
Provide him with the following:
– Your Name
– Email
– Phone number
– The trail you want to work on
– Additional details, if needed
5. The system is on the honor system. Paddy will sign off on hours via email once completed.

Thank you in advance for helping us keep Cherry Canyon litter-free. We appreciate your support. If you would like to receive the trails council’s newsletter, please send an email to

When you are working on our trails – here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts

·     Clean any trash that is within the trail boundaries.

·     Use a trash grabber to pick up light trash.

·     Follow the map of the trail during cleaning.

·     Bring shoes suitable for trails.

·     Bring water.

·     Bring suitable clothes for the weather.

·     Pick up trash ONLY within one arm’s length off the trail.

·     Watch out for other users on trails.


·     Walk off the trail.

·     Block pathways of other people or animals.

·     Put any sign on the trails.

·     Damage, vandalize, or move natural materials on the trails.

·     Do anything that could potentially physically harm you.

·     Put yourself in danger by wandering off the trail.

·     Pick up trash in or near poison oak.