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The Trails Council of La Canada Flintridge was founded in 1974 to protect and preserve the horse trails that run through and around our city. They were disappearing from encroachment and neglect. Thanks to these early volunteers, we have 23 miles of beautiful trails to walk, ride and enjoy!

Today the LCF Trails Council function as trail stewards, coordinating with the City of La Canada Flintridge, The County of Los Angeles, and local volunteers to preserve our trails.Erosion, land sides, fire, and earth movement constantly attack them, and it takes a team effort to keep them open.

Becoming a member, be part of the team.

Your willingness to make small contributions is helpful; sharing your email is also very helpful.There may come a time when we need all our members to stand together to protect this fantastic resource. We promise not to abuse your contact information and only share relevant information.

What does your money do?

Here are a few examples of what the LCF Trail Council, the City of La Canada Flintridge, and the County of Los Angeles has, has been doing.

  • Moving the Gould Canyon Trail out of the stream bed north of Green Lane.
  • Repair and clean-up of the Flint Canyon Trail from Commonwealth to Hampstead.
  • Restoration of the Flint Canyon Trial Under the Berkshire Bridge
  • An ongoing effort to repair the undertow of the Flint Canyon Trail paralleling the 210 Fwy.
  • Building a new trail behind Descanso called the Sister City Friendship Trail.
  • Ongoing restoration of the east side of the Open Space trail to ACH and Gould Mesa.
  • Erosion control at the top of the Descanso Trail.
  • Erosion Control on the Trails Council Link.
  • Erosion control and repair of the Conservancy trail.

To name a few…