Trails Council Link

Length: 0.5 mile
Difficulty/Gain: Not difficult
Suitable for: Walking Dog Walker Biking
Trail Hashtag: #TrailsCouncilLink

The Trails Council Link represents the forty-year effort by the City, County and local residents to close the gap in the City core circular trail, locally known as the “Loop Trail”. The trail begins on Caltrans property near Indiana Avenue and Foothill Blvd. It proceeds south on Edison property crossing the 210 Freeway via an existing utility flume. The trail continues to Verdugo Boulevard with an in pavement lighted crosswalk, crosses the County-owned Winey Channel to Descanso Drive with another in pavement lighted crosswalk joining the City-owned Descanso Trail just west of the Descanso Gardens parking lot.

Accessible from:

Foothill Blvd. at Indiana Avenue (north); Verdugo Blvd. east of Alta Canyada Blvd., Descanso Drive (north side) near Descanso Gardens.