Cherry Canyon Fire Road Trail

Length: 1.4 miles
Difficulty/Gain: Ranges from Not Difficult to Difficult / 455 (1,385 - 1,840)
Surfaces: Dirt
Suitable for: Walking Dog Walker Biking Horse Back Riding
Maintenance: Maintained by various public agencies
Trail Hashtag: #CherryCanyonTrailLCF

Network of fire and utility roads in Cherry Canyon that connect the City’s trails and also serve as trails in their own right. Their names, as indicated on the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) system are: The Descanso Fire Road, the Edison Road, the Cherry Canyon Fire Road and the Alpha Fire Road. There is a scenic overview located in the northern section of Cherry Canyon called Five Points. This location provides a 360 degree view encompassing the San Gabriel Mountains to the ocean.

Accessible from:

West end of Hampstead Road, west end Sugarloaf Drive, South end of Forest Hill Drive and the Stancrest Frontage Road in Glendale