Lukens Connection Trail

Length: .2 miles
Difficulty/Gain: Not Difficult
Surfaces: Dirt, Concrete coated with S-9300 Bond-Kote (by Super-Krete, Inc.) - creates slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant surface in existing older concrete (flume)
Suitable for: Walking Dog Walker Biking Horse Back Riding
Maintenance: Maintenance Agreement executed with Caltrans for twenty-year period of time beginning in 2003. Caltrans encroachment permit obtained for construction.
Trail Hashtag: #LukensConnectionTrail

Lukens Connection Trail begins on Caltrans property near Indiana Avenue and Curran Street and Extends south across the 210 Freeway using an existing utility flume owned by Caltrans. It continues westward to the southern edge of the Caltrans property. This trails is the first of three phases in the completion of the “missing link” in the City’s core circular trail, envisioned in the City’s General Plan in 1979, following the City’s incorporation in 1976.

Accessible from:

North entrance: Loop Trail Phase II – Edison Property at Indiana and Foothill Blvd. South entrance: Loop trail Phase II – Verdugo Blvd., between Alta Canyada Drive and Indiana Avenue.